Sunday, April 10, 2016

Rockets get 'royally' screwed in game two

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The on ice official got it right. The video goal judge got it wrong.

Controversy reared its ugly head in game two of the Kelowna Rockets second round playoff series with the Victoria Royals.

With the Royals desperately holding on to a late third period 3-2 lead, Justin Kirkland's wrist shot towards the Royals net went high and wide. The puck hit the glass with enough velocity that is bounced towards teammate Tyson Baillie at the right side of the net. The puck glancing off of Baillie's right skate, and from an unseeingly impossible angle, the galvanized piece of rubber made its way past a Royals defenceman' stick and into the wide open net. Victoria goaltending Coleman Vollrath was out of position with only the ability to see it agonizingly trickle into the wide open cage.  
On the ice it was declared a goal.

Like all goals in the playoffs, video review was used to make sure it was a clean goal. This was not a clean goal. What goal is that hits a player and then enters the net? That said, the fact it was viewed that Baillie intentionally kicked the puck into the net is laughable. Did the puck make contact with his right skate? Yes. Did Baillie try to corral it with his skate in an attempt to stop it for a secondary shot on goal? Yes. I'm my view, there was no conclusive evidence that showed it was deliberately kicked by Baillie. His right skate moves to stop the puck while also attempting to slow down in an effort to get it on his stick. With no conclusive evidence on video, and with the call on the ice being a goal, the game should have been tied at 3. Now, the Rockets are down 2 games to 0 heading home for game three on Tuesday.

Can they use the setback as a rallying cry with back-to-back games at Prospera Place Tuesday and Thursday night?

This may be the fuel to the fire the defending champions needed. 

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Ralph said...

I thought the Rockets played well enough to deserve a split in Victoria. Really sucks that it comes down to a controversial call to take a way a good opportunity.