Monday, August 4, 2014

Weber worth watching in weightroom

Shea Weber is a beast in the gym according to Almond
Cody Almond never played with Shea Weber.

The two Kelowna Rockets alumni have seen each other many times in the gym during the summer though.  

"He is an absolute freak", Almond told me last week before playing at one of a number of excellent golf course in the Kelowna area.

While Almond has never worked out with the Nashville Predators defenceman, he has watched with amazement from across the room at what the Sicamous resident is able to do in the gym. 

"He doesn't look like the biggest most ripped guy in the world. He looks like an athlete and you can tell that he is strong. When you see him work out, you appreciate the level he is at and the strength that he has. I don't think I have ever seen someone at that level before. He is jump squatting what everyone else is dead-lifting. He is a machine, that guy. He is something else," Almond added.

Almond is preparing to earn a spot with the NHL's Minnesota Wild this fall.

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