Friday, July 4, 2014

Kris Mallette Quotes

Are you excited about joining the Rockets?
"I think joining the Kelowna Rockets is so beneficial for my development to ultimately get to where I want to be, like every coach, to the NHL". 
Kris Mallette

This is something you really wanted to do, be behind the Rockets bench as a coach?

"I have had conversations with other teams. I have always put my name out to let people know that I am interested. I am a Western Hockey League guy through and through. This is where I want to be. Kelowna is my home. The Rockets are my team. I bleed Rockets colours."

How about working with Dan Lambert? 

"We are both honest, brutally honest I think. If we have something on our mind we are going to speak it. It should be a very, very good friendship and I am thrilled to learn from a coach that won't be in this league very long".

Are you going to be the good cop and Lambert is going to be the bad cop as your role as an assistant coach?

"No. No, I don't think I can. I have been successful because I am passionate about coaching. I am passionate about learning. I am passionate about winning. Am I going to be take losses well? No! If you are, you are content and I am not content. By no means am I going to be that pushover who is not going to hold our guys accountable.  I can have fun but I am going to be firm. I think that is the same message we both want to send".

How about the defensive core you will be overseeing?
"The ground work that has been laid is fantastic. I am going to tweak but this is a special group. I am looking forward to it".

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