Monday, February 17, 2014

Things that make me go hmm

Marissa Baecker - Shoot the Breeze Photo
  • The Prince George Cougars gave up a fifth round pick to Moose Jaw for Todd Fiddler? Is that not the trade of the season in the WHL? That's like selling a Ferrari for 5 thousand dollars. Even if Fiddler isn't a team player or is a bad influence in the dressing room, who cares!! The guy is scoring. Maybe he eats with his mouth open? Again, it doesn't matter. Fiddler is scoring goals and could reach 50 by seasons end. A 50 goal scorer for a 5th rounder. Mark it down as one of the best trades the Cougars have ever made.
  • The Rockets have won 46 times this season. The team won 52 games last year. This franchise has never had back-to-back 50 win seasons. The Rockets' have won 50 or more games only twice. They did it in 2002-2003 and as mentioned last season.     
  • The best Kelowna Rockets' player in February? The guy to the right. Second year forward Rourke Chartier.   
  • Attendance numbers across the league are down and Spokane is no exception. I thought Wednesday's game was extremely disappointing.  It wasn't the smallest crowd they have had on a Wednesday night but it was extremely weak. What's amazing is only a few days later they played in front of close to 10 thousand.
  • I have called games in the WHL for 19 seasons and didn't know until yesterday that the Chiefs mascots name is Boomer the Bear. Who knew?   
  • I like to take my friendly shots at the Kamloops Blazers organization, especially over their three star selection process, but you have to hand it to them for drawing significant fans to games despite a tough season in the standings. I am sure the team will also report a drop in attendance at seasons end but they are still getting over 4 thousand bodies in the building every game. The first place Rockets' are getting just over a thousand more. There goes the theory that if you win they will come.      
  • Hard to imagine Shea Weber wasn't selected in the WHL bantam draft. Neither was Jamie Benn. Both are playing for Canada at the Olympic games. Dan Hamhuis wasn't either for those wondering.
  • I hate the bigger Olympic ice. The thought was it created more scoring chances. Funny thing is, it doesn't. 
  • Am I the only one concerned about two teenage hockey players taking their lives over the last three weeks? I won't name names, but these two players, one in the Central and one who was involved with a South Okanagan team, have been put to rest. Is it just coincidence or part of a bigger problem? Mental illness is all around us without question. It makes me wonder what pressures these players faced from coaches and parents as they moved up the ranks? If they fail in reaching the goals many people envisioned for them, what safety nets are in place to help these individuals deal with disappointment? Maybe that wasn't a factor at all? I don't know? I am saddened to see this loss of life being a father of twin 11 year old boys. My heart goes out to the families and friends of these two individuals.
  • I will never understand junior hockey. Prince George plays three games in three nights and losses the first two games in Kelowna and Kamloops. The loss in Kelowna Friday is a total collapse when they were leading 2-1 while a set back against the Blazers must have been painful considering it was a loss against the worst team in the Western Conference. The Cougars then go into Seattle for a 5 pm start and beat the Thunderbirds, regarded now as one of the best teams in the Western Conference. 
  • While the play in the WHL gets better, shouldn't the officiating follow a similar path? 
  • Spring training is underway. Are the Blue Jays going to be mediocre again?  My guess is yes. 
  • That NBA All-Star game was outstanding last night. Honestly, I didn't see a second of it. 
  • If Nic Petan plays in the WHL as a 19 year-old next season, can you imagine what type of point totals he will put up? The Portland Winterhawks forward doesn't take a night off and always finds the score-sheet. The 18 year-old has been held without a point in just 7 games this season.
  • Belated congratulations to Saskatoon Blades broadcaster Les Lazaruk for calling his 15 hundredth WHL game on the weekend. An amazing feat for a special person. That is a lot of miles on the team bus, numerous interviews and lots of time at arena's across Western Canada and the United States. To accomplish that feat in our league is amazing. The travel is wicked when compared to the OHL and QMJHL.    
  • Loved how CBC's Jim Hughson held his tongue when colour commentator Craig Simpson asked him if he was surprised at no penalty call after Jamie Benn was hit hard from behind into the end boards  in overtime against Finland. Hughson said nothing and just kept going. I would have loved to have seen his facial expression though.
  • Why do organizations send out press releases Friday afternoon after 5 pm when the majority of news agency's have closed their doors? The objective is to get the message out isn't it, or do they want it buried?
  • Did you know Team Canada head coach Mike Babcock was the captain of the Kelowna Wings in the 80's? It was 1982-83 in fact. His picture is up at Memorial Arena if you need proof.
  • Figure skating judging at the Olympics confuses me. A flawless performance doesn't always dictate a high score. I don't get it?


g.k said...

Hey Regan what years did Lauris Darzins play for the Rockets??

Jared Comeau said...

G.K. The answer is 2004/05 - 2005/06