Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I'm eating my words. I won't bad mouth PG again.

I've said it. I will admit it. In the past, I have joined the chorus of critical comments about the city of Prince George. I've laughed with others about the odd smell, the cold weather and the gang activity that gives the northern city its black eye. I was eating crow Friday morning though, when my good friend and Prince George media mogul Al Bristowe took me for a round of golf at Aberdeen Glen. When the WHL schedule was released in early August, Bristowe quickly suggested we go golfing when the Kelowna Rockets made a visit to 'Cougar Country' in early October. At first hesitant, I was expecting a cold, miserable outing, but I thought this would be a good opportunity to say, "I golfed in the snow in Prince George". What I wasn't ready for was a spectacular golf course on the outskirts of Prince George that is as good a 'track' (golf expression) as you are going to find - anywhere. Ya, anywhere. The weather was a chilly +2 at tee-off but quickly warmed up after the sun came streaming through the fog as we completed the second hole. What Aberdeen Glen had to offer blew me away.
Let me go back for a second.
Friendly staff greeted us. Customer service and smiles in the pro shop was a great start. Shaking hands with three staff members as Al introduced me, made me feel welcome. As we approached the first hole, my jaw dropped as huge trees lined the fairway with beautiful, manicured grass leading out to a hole that seemed to never end. It was amazing. All the holes on this course can't be this spectacular? Yep, they were. Am I in Prince George? No! This golf course can't be located in a city that I've often made cheap shot comments about in the past?
Thanks to Bristowe and the staff at Aberdeen Glen, I am eating my words. I am eating crow and it actually tastes OK. It opened my eyes to one of the best golf courses in Canada. It isn't located on Vancouver Island or the Okanagan.
Aberdeen Glen can be found in Prince George and you can bet I will be back for a return visit.

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