Friday, July 13, 2012

Ex-BC Lions DE Brent Johnson in Kelowna

The cyclists have arrived in Kelowna for the second annual RBC Granfondo.

Close to 700 riders will participate in the 122 kilometre course.

One of the riders this year is former BC Lion defensive end Brent Johnson.

Johnson admits being 6 foot 2 and weighing 265 pounds makes it hard to be on a bike for a long period of time.

"The flats are great. Going down hill is not a problem. It is the little buck fifty guys that fly by you on any sort of climb, it doesn't matter what the elevation is. I am always pulling a little more weight than most people."    

Johnson retired last season from the Lions after winning the Grey Cup.


g.k said...

Hi Regan I have even better news!! Girgensons signed with Buffalo today so according to your sources he can't play NCAA Hockey so his only other option would be the Rockets unless he makes the team, correct me if I'm wrong please!! I don't think he could play in the AHL, so this is good news, right? Go Riders Go!! Leroy please retire!!

Jared Comeau said...

He can indeed play in the AHL. The age restriction on players playing in the AHL is only in place for North American Players. A Euro CAN indeed play in the AHL if under the age of 20.

Adam scott said...

I totally agree with you jared.

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