Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Things that make me go hmm...

  • Now that Saskatoon has been awarded the 2013 Memorial Cup, who should bid for the 2016 tournament? Kelowna will likely give it another try as will Red Deer. My hope is Victoria throws their hat into the ring too. What a tournament that would be in one of the best cities in Canada. Royals President Dave Dakers says they will likely bid in 2016 but believes they are better set up for hosting the ten day tournament in 2019 or 2022.
  • Dakers wouldn't commit to improvements to Prospera Place when I asked him directly if the 12 year-old building needs a little more attention. Dakers likes the sight lines and the location of the arena, but doesn't see any improvements anytime soon. A larger visiting dressing room and press box are just two areas that need an upgrade. That takes money and it appears RG Properties are not prepared to dish out the cash for major improvements other than splashing some fresh paint here and there.
  • On my recent stop in Victoria I had a chat with Royals GM Marc Habscheid. A tour of the dressing room and sitting in his office just talking about life is one of the nice aspects of a relationship that has been built with the fellow Swift Current resident. Funny thing is, Habscheid and my relationship grew in our time together with the Rockets, not in 'Speedy Creek', when Habscheid was still in his playing days and I was a squeaky voiced broadcaster trying to get my feet wet in the business.
  • Just for clarification, the score clock in Victoria will be replaced with the one that used to be at Prospera Centre in Chilliwack. The current clock in Victoria has no video screen. It's replacement does.
  • The arena in Victoria has everything a broadcaster would want. Great sight lines (no camera's limiting vision), Internet, PA feed and a bathroom - not one but two - which is just a stone throw away. Plus, the media room had sandwiches and pizza for those needing a pre-game meal. Victoria may now be the best stop on the circuit.
  • Was that a fog horn I heard blaring after the Royals scored Friday night? Interesting because I didn't hear it a night later. Or am I hearing things?
  • Brett Bulmer plays his 5th NHL regular season game tonight for the Minnesota Wild. Still no word on if he is staying with the big team or coming back to junior. I guess until they say, "Hey, Bulmer, go get a place to stay", the 19 year-old may just make his way back to the Okanagan. Truth be told, the Rockets could use him. It would be the emotional lift this team needs.
  • One of my favorite players on the Rockets roster is Zach Franko. The personable forward is off to a slow start, and as one of the returning point producers from last season, his lack of production doesn't go unnoticed. Just one goal in the first nine games has to be disappointing. If Franko can get out of the early season funk, he provides the team with another weapon outside of what Shane McColgan and Colton Sisson's bring to the table.
  • Speaking of Sissons, the second year player obviously isn't affected in an adverse way with wearing the 'C' on his jersey. Sissons already has six goals this season and is on pace for 48 goals if he continues at this pace.
  • The Rockets early season struggles doesn't concern me considering the team is icing several new faces on the defensive core that are still getting their feet wet. Cole Martin and Jesse Lees are still adjusting to the pace of the WHL and Madison Bowey, who could be in the top four, has yet to play a game. I think Myles Bell is now finding his stride, so these early hiccups will dissipate by the time the calender turns to November.
  • Don't you feel even a little bit of joy in the Kamloops Blazers quick start? I mean, this team has been kicked, spat on and then thrown to the curb for dead over the last couple of years and has received little in the way of respect. I gave them props during a pre-season panel on Dan Russell's Sportstalk, when I was the only broadcaster of the six to pick the Blazers to finish first in the division. Am I saying, I told you so? Ya, I am. Blazers head coach Guy Charron had to have felt the noose around his neck tightening, but he must be breathing a little easier these days with the solid start.
  • I caught Hockey Night in Canada's 'Hot Stove' Saturday night where one of the topics of discussion was a proposal to increase the age of players drafted by NHL teams. Right now junior players that are 18 can be selected, but the change would see teams being able to draft players starting at 19. The one proposed suggestion is allowing 18 year-old's to be eligible in the opening round before 19 year-old's can be chosen between rounds two and seven. If I saw the data correctly when it was flashed on the screen, only 6 percent of players drafted in the last six years have played a game at the NHL level when they are 19. Brett Bulmer would be one of those players.

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Ryan said...

Bulmer is up to 4 whole mins after 2 periods tonight. What a joke the Wild continue to be as an organization. Kid will be buried in the minors in 2 yrs and their management will give the line that in hindsight we should have sent him back to junior.