Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wudrick going to Coyote Country

Kelowna Rockets forward Geordie Wudrick failed to sign a NHL contract with the LA Kings on June 1st, but he is now moving on to another team in the hope of making a positive impression.
Wudrick has been given a tryout with the Phoenix Coyotes.
Wudrick will attend training camp with fellow teammate Evan Bloodoff this fall.
Wudrick was acquired from the Swift Current Broncos last season, scoring 28 goals in 50 games in a Rockets uniform (regular season/playoffs combined). Wudrick led the Rockets in playoff goal scoring with nine goals.


Ken said...

not surprised he didn't sign with LA, not very gifted offensively, and ABSOLUTELY NO physical aspect to his game at all. He's a big guy who plays small and won't compete physically at all. Will be very surprised if he ever sees NHL action. Career minor leaguer if he's lucky, but don't think he's even got what it takes to play in the A or I.

Regan Bartel said...

Not sure if I can agree on "not very gifted offensively". I think the numbers speak for themselves. Could he be more physical? Sure. No question. He doesn't need to be physical in an intimidating sense, but getting more involved by throwing his body around wouldn't hurt his game.

bigkev said...

anything on st. denis

Ryan said...

Regan, dont bite on the troll post

Regan Bartel said...

More on St Denis' status later.