Monday, March 31, 2008

Things That Make Me Go Hmm...

  • Isn't it ironic that the last time the Rockets were involved in a game seven playoff series it was against Seattle in 2005. The Rockets won that game 2-1 back on April 19, 2005.
  • The last time the Rockets played a game seven on the road was April 1, 1998 in a 5-1 loss in Spokane. Oddly enough Tuesday night's game seven in Seattle is also on April Fools Day.
  • You still can't convince me that the Seattle Thunderbirds are a better team than the Kelowna Rockets in this best of seven series. The T-Birds can make the Rockets looked ordinary if they are allowed to use their speed and body contact is not applied. The game six effort that the Rockets showed Saturday night told me that this team is indeed better than becoming a first round casualty.
  • Brady Leavold leads the Rockets in playoff goals with 5. How nice was his power play goal in game six?
  • The Rockets used two 16 year-old defenseman in overtime in Saturday's win. Tyson Barrie and Collin Bowman may be over their heads now, but will benefit from this experience down the road when they are 18 and 19 year-old veterans.
  • Who was the most anxious spectator at Saturday's game? How about Rockets captain James McEwan. McEwan was sitting on the sidelines while serving a one game suspension. McEwan will be back in the lineup Tuesday night.
  • T-Birds defenseman Scott Jackson gets the Grizzly Adams awards for best facial hair in this series. Jackson, who turned 21 in February, gets the nod over fellow teammate Prab Rai, who has a wicked looking goatee going on.
  • Where has Cool Bird been in this series? The Seattle Thunderbirds mascot has to be one of the best in the league. He reminds me of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers mascot with the big sun glasses. Speaking of mascots, do the Moose Jaw Warriors still use Puck Head as a mascot? If so, for the love of God burn that costume when you set the Moose Jaw Civic Center ablaze.
  • Readers of this blog from Swift Current may be interested to know that the majority of our media panel prior to the start of the playoffs picked the Broncos to beat the Regina Pats in that Eastern Conference Quarter Final series, including yours truly. The only media member not to pick the Broncos? My roommate on the road, the Kelowna Daily Courier's Doyle Pontenteau.
  • I had to laugh at the comments being made by Pats fans about the wardrobe of Broncos radio color analyst Ryan Switzer in the opening round playoff series. To attack Switzer's tie and shirt combinations is nothing short of comical. Switzer is no slouch, and takes great pride in how he presents himself. In my books he would be considered one of the best dressed color-men in this league. Thank God he has the fashion sense not to wear a Christmas tie or one of those comic ties that were big in the 90's. Now my wish is for some of my radio colleague's (you know who you are) to burn theirs at the stake.


David's Color Comments said...

We all know who the best dressed is!!

Calijh7 said...

Hey Regan maybe you can shine some light on this. I've been going to Prospera Place for years to watch the T-birds. I know many great people in Kelowna now. But why all of a sudden did Prospera Place decide to ban the stadium horns. I talked to numerous Rocket fans saying that some other fans complained about them being to loud? Lots of Rocket and T-bird fans seemed upset and were talking about this Saturday night. If this was by chance true I find this very classless. Rocket fans bring noise makers in our arena and we love it. Everett fans bring loads of cowbells we think the bells are stupid but it's what they do. The louder the game the better for hockey.

Hopefully game 7 will be a wild one. There might only be 2500 of us there with the Mariners opening today. But we will be ready.

If our T-birds do go down Tuesday my support for the WHL champion will go to the winner of the series with the Americans. And I wanted to say that Regan, you have one of the best and most detailed hockey blogs keep it up... next season.

Regan Bartel said...

My understanding is the horns were banned on input from season ticket holders. I have mixed feelings about them not being allowed in the building. I can only imagine someone blowing that horn continiously during a game while I'm sitting beside them. It would get on my nerves. Yet of they are used responsibly, they can be a good tool in cheering on the team you are supporting. The lack of horns creates a much quieter atmosphere in the building, yet is it not interesting that the Rockets have added horns/sirens when they score to make up for it?
As for the blog comment, I appreciate it. I enjoy writing about the Rockets, but am not shy to speak about the merits of the other team. The T-Birds have been a great organization to deal with when it comes to interviews and accessibilty of coaches/players in this series. I commend coach Sumner and GM Russ Farwell for making my job easy.

Switzer said...

Thanks Regan. I'm glad someone else in the league appreciates the Rittinger's Men's Wear look.

Regan Bartel said...

Rittinger's Mens Wear!!! You make far to much money. I was shopping at the MCC store when I worked in Swifty. Oh how times have changed.