Friday, June 15, 2007

Would Habscheid Consider Returning?

Do I feel for Marc Habscheid.
Just a year into his first taste of coaching at the NHL level, and he's gassed Friday by the Boston Bruins.
Oh sure he remains in the Bruins organization in a different capacity, but he isn't where he wants to assistant with a goal of someday being a National League head coach.
What Habscheid's new role will be, is any ones guess, but would he ever return to Kelowna and again assume the head coaching duties of the Rockets?
It has to be going through his head, and that of General Manager Bruce Hamilton.
The timing couldn't be better!!
While Hamilton says he isn't pursuing coaches to fill the vacancy, he'll definitely touch base with Habby to find out if he's interested.
Been there done that may be his response, when he accesses the possibility of coming back to K-Town, or is it, I've done it before, I can do it again?
If Hamilton is looking for a motivator, who get's the most out of his players, Habscheid is the man. He won't make friends with his players, but he'll make them successful. It's for that one reason - success - that Habscheid is held so highly by the organization and it's fans.
Habscheid left the organization on a high in 2004 after winning the Memorial Cup. Now with the team coming off a year where they missed the playoffs for the first time in franchise history, Habscheid has another challenge staring him right in the face. No challenge is greater in junior hockey, than again leading a franchise back atop as a Western Hockey League powerhouse!


Jared Comeau said...

Like i sadi earlier Regan...The Rumopr was out there about Habby Returning. Would be nice thats for sure.

Regan and the Rockets said...

I find it interesting that the Bruins have said Habby still has a position in the organization. Yet the comment from the press conference today sure didn't give Habscheid or Lewis a positive endorsement for a long term future with that franchise. I guess we will have to see about that New Jersey Devil rumor, but wouldn't it be amazing if he ended up in the Okanagan again?

Jared Comeau said...

Well i know He and Erin loved it here and I know they both had a hard time leaving and i believe they do still own a home here, so I can see Bruce maybe increasing his pay from previous years gone by to help entice Marc back. I suppose we shall wait and see like you say Regan