Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WHL comments on Bulmer's suspension

Here is my conversation with the Vice President of Hockey for the WHL, Richard Doerksen, on the decision to suspend Brett Bulmer for one game:    

"Obviously a lot of thought went into it. There were a couple of things that were integral into the decision. We were fortunate their was no injury to the opponent. He (Wrenn) was able to play for Portland in last night's game, so that was great to see from that perspective. Secondly, going on Brett Bulmer's record in our league. He (Bulmer) has not been suspended by us before so he certainly is not in the repeat offender category which would have certainly increased the suspension. We are certainly concerned with how the game went and clearly he took a number of penalities and several for kneeing. I've had a real good conversation with the owner and general manager of the Kelowna Rockets and made sure he is clear that we (WHL) won't tolerate a similar situation tomorrow night when he returns as we did the other night."

Question: Did you just look at the one kneeing major in your decision making, or the events that led to that?

 "You do take into context that he did have kneeing penalties in the game and that is a real concern because I find it to be a very dangerous play. Certainly the one in question, the major and game misconduct, was the correct call. If the opponent had been injured and not been able to play last night, the suspension would have been longer."   


Unknown said...

That quite possibly could be the most lame excuse/answer I have ever read, Dick.

So ... what you're saying is that it's not as serious an infraction, one you deem a "very dangerous play", if the player is not a repeat offender. It would seem, the way he came out of the box for the second kneeing penalty and committed the major 20 secs. later, that it was a premeditated act. I would also argue that there was intent to injure, Does that not play into the decision? Just because a player is not serioisly injured, that diminishes the intent?

If the Hawks win game 4, but lose Rattie or Bartschi to an act by a non-repeat offender, what exactly would be the penalty? A Hawks team handicapped for the second round?

Anonymous said...

Brutal Coaching!!!! How many points do Rattie and Baerchi have to get before Huska starts shadowing those 2. We have last change at home.