Monday, March 26, 2012

Things that make me go hmm...

  • Let me go on record as stating I don't think Brett Bulmer is a dirty player. He really isn't. I think Portland Winterhawk fans may be questioning that after what they witnessed Saturday night, but Bulmer is an emotional player that obviously went over the line. Is Kamloops Blazers forward Brendan Ranford considered a dirty player? Nope. Yet he lost his cool last season and made contact with a linesman as he was being escorted to the penalty box. Ranford was promptly suspended. So while I suggested the kneeing incident on William Wrenn would be considered a 'dirty play', I don't consider Bulmer a dirty player. Clearly frustrated, he went over the line much like Ranford did. It happens, even to the most skilled players on a team.
  • Whether Bulmer plays in game three or not isn't the Rockets real problem. The problem lies with other players stepping up their game in an effort to make this a series. Shane McColgan was one of the main reasons the series last year against the Hawks went six games. McColgan was tremendous, especially in game one. So far, McColgan has just one assist.
  • We have to remember that the Rockets were playing without their top defensive defenceman in the first two games of this series. Mitchell Chapman, who was named the teams top d-man at the year end awards banquet, is out with an upper body injury. The 19 year-old would be blocking shots and would definitely make life a lot tougher along the boards for the Hawks forwards if he was in the line up. I can't recall one real good hit that a Rockets d-man has made on a Hawks forward in the first two games.
  • Without Chapman the Rockets are icing just one 19 year-old player. That one 19 year-old player is Brett Bulmer. The Hawks have nine-19 year-old's on their roster.
  • Would I consider Hawks forward Brad Ross a dirty player? He has a spotty track record, but in saying that, how composed has he been in this series. Ross was like a choir boy in the first two games. It looks like Head Coach Mike Johnston has him reeled in pretty good. Ross is clearly a better player when he keeps his composure, plays with an edge, but doesn't take bad penalties. Mission accomplished in the first two games.
  • We had a lot of discussion on this blog Sunday about how Adam Brown's mom was treated in Portland. I am sad to hear her experience wasn't a good one. I would hope any parent of a visiting player would be treated with respect while watching his or her son play. I know that if a Hawks fan was being abused at a Kelowna game, and I saw it happening, I would step in to defending that person. Friendly banter is part of it. Being rude, offensive and making the entire experience miserable for a visiting fan is unacceptable.
  • The officiating. I haven't said much about it in the first two games because it really hasn't been a factor. I've just accepted it for what it is. It is never really that good and that won't change. I prefer the two teams being allowed to play rather than the referee's being whistle happy. For the most part the first two games haven't been over-officiated.
  • I am patriotic, but sometimes I wonder if we are wasting our time with the national anthems at the start of the game. It is tough for organizations to find real good singers to belt out the anthems and at times it can be ugly. But when it is done right look out. How about the national anthem duet before Saturday's game in Portland. Outstanding.
  • No cheerleaders in Portland. Very disappointed. Haha.
  • The Rockets lost all three games at home to the Hawks in last years playoff series. The scores were 5-4, 4-2 and 4-2.
  • Overall, the Rockets are 5 and 5 in their last ten home playoff games dating back to the start of the 2010 playoffs. The teams last home ice playoff win was in game two of an opening round series with Prince George in last years playoffs. The Rockets beat the Cougars 7-4 on March 26th.
  • A Rockets fan was complaining the other day about Sven Bartschi being in the WHL. "He's too good. He should be in the NHL, not playing major junior hockey". He may have a point, but let's celebrate the fact we can see these type of players at 'our' level rather than witnessing NHL teams rushing underage players into pro hockey. We've seen too many 19 or younger players pushed into the NHL where they crash and burn. I wish a steadfast rule was in place that stated if you are 19 or younger, that player is prohibited from playing pro until his junior season is over.


fax said...

Hey Regan - Can we please put your 19 year old rule into place ASAP - preferably ....before Game 3 in Kelowna -

We will be sending a plane for Ryan J and Nino N to suit up for the Hawks against the Rockets -

Would really be great if you could that rule of yours passed

Regan Bartel said...

Those two wouldn't be eligible under my rule. My rule starts next season. Haha. I hear ya. Can you imagine having those two studs in the line up? Scary.

bigkev said...

Regan can YOU please stop telling everyone Bulmer is great. He's not, Bulmer is a cancer he doesn't care about anyone but himself. I bet we be a better team If Bruce would of traded him. I have never bin soooo bored at games with Bulmer on the ice. Can't wait for next yr.

portland in 4

and then no more Bulmer woooo hooo!!!

Regan Bartel said...

Kev, to be honest with you, your attitude stinks. With that mindset, I hope I don't see you at the rink.

Jared Comeau said...

I am a Rockets fan through thick and thin, and I havn't felt this way about a player in my 11 years following this hockey team. Bulmer is good when he's good, but BRUTAL when not good. It really feels like he thinks he is too good for this league and never needs to try. I have counted nearly 25+ times Bulmer took the puck in the Rockets' zone and didn't even think of passing until he either gets a shot or is denied by the defence. I think this team will be better off without him for the next x amount of games, win or lose.

Good luck in Minnesota Brett.

bigkev said...

My Attitude doesn't suck Im just tired of watching crap hockey. I don't get the rockets this year properly one of the worst team I seen in awhile. if we had a good coach like Don Hay, Bulmer would do his crap one time and if he did it again he be sitting in the stands.
First year ever I didn't get play off tickets. Regan you said rockets in 6 or 7, and even you said the rockets are a better team on the road and after listening to you on the radio from Portland were dead at home I just hope to see Jessey or Tyrell beat someone up

g.k said...

According to the WHL website, Bulmer has been suspended, but the length has not been determined which likely means at least both home games, as far as I'm concerned this was a selfish act on his part, not only has he let his team down but also the fans that pay the $$$ to come out & see him display his skills!! Have a great career Brett, MVP. your not, in my books!!

yahoo87487 said...

That's our MVP!!!

MG said...

Blake Comeau played like that. When he was putting the effort out ( skating hard and using the body)he was great but it was hit and miss whether he was going to play or just skate around and do nothing. I think that same up and down playing style has followed him all the way to Calgary. Why else would the Islanders trade him after a good season.

Players like that are frustrating to watch because he know how good they can be. When they aren't it drives any fan up the wall.

Bulmer is the same except more extreme and it appears to be attitude, but one can never be sure.

It may be that we don't get to see him play again in a Rockets uniform..

Cristy said...

I am a Portland season ticket holder and have always enjoyed your blog. I am so sad to hear that Adam Brown's mother was mistreated while in our barn. That is really uncalled for. I don't understand people who like to cause problems with visiting fans no matter who the team is. There's nothing wrong with healthy team rivalry but verbally or physically accosting opposing fans or family members, is uncalled for and classless! Shame on the offenders.

Chad Balcom said...

The natives are restless in the Okanagan, apparently.

I'm a 'Hawks fan, who has a lot of respect for the Rockets. I've seen Bulmer play over the last few years, and he's pretty good. I get what he's been trying to do: play on the edge, and it can be easy to go over said edge. Its disappointing, because he's a better player than that.

Its also disappointing to see the Rockets fans abandon him just because he blew it for a weekend. As we are reminded from time to time, these are teenagers.

Coming into this series, I was in agreement with Regan that the villains may be Brad Ross & Mac Carruth. I feel that Ross has been on good behavior all season, although his reputation was cemented already. Carruth has so much character that its hard to handle, especially if you don't see him play regularly. He's done a good job to stay out of things, although some would say he benefits from getting into the odd scrum with the opposition.

I'll be looking forwards to your call in games 3 & 4, Regan.

Ryan said...

Kev, why bother with talking about the negatives about a player? Regan and Mr Happy have no choice or the the bossman speaks, so we know why Regan talks the way he does. Comeau was hated more than liked, Paddock too, but Bulmer takes the cake and the fact 99.9 % of us fans wanted him dealt at the deadline and Hamilton refused speaks to his ego. This team was too young to compete yet Bruce and his stubborn streak won out again. O we wanted a player argument doesnt sell to the fans anymore Bruce and you know it, ask Gavin about ticket sales. McMillan, Barrie, Bulmer, Callahan should all have been traded and everyone but the 2 happy people agree

Gord McGarva said...

Hey Ryan if you are going to insult me at least put your full name on it.

Apparently you have not been listening to the last few months. My comments have been honest about what has been happening.

Also it is easy to hide behind the internet. You may not like what I say, but at least everyone knows who I am.

Herman Edwrads said it best.

Or maybe this girl did.

StolzHockey said...

You guys all sound like we've already been knocked out of the playoffs and it's all Brett Bulmer's fault. Yeah we've lost two games. Big woop. The next two games are at home, and Brett Bulmer won't even be playing so why are we dwelling on the subject?

If we win tonight, this is a brand new series. Get behind your team and make some noise. GO ROCKETS GO!

Unknown said...

i just hope cooke get some playing time brown is over anyway get the kid some playoff time for ch,,,,,sake

Unknown said...

MG: Comeau wasn't traded, he was picked up on re-entry waivers. That piece of trivia aside, I agree that it's frustrating to watch skilled players who are lazy or selfish.

Before this season, I had only missed 3 home games in a decade. I was always at the rink before the anthem started and stayed until after the stars were awarded. I was always quick to criticize people who arrived late or left early. This season I found the play so boring and uninspiring that I could hardly wait for the season to be over with. Instead of looking forward to game nights I found myself wishing I didn't have season's tickets.

Hopefully some important changes are made before next season, I would like to enjoy Rockets games again.

RutlandDream said...

Gord its Sarnecki from grade 9 basketball. "You guys are stupid" was your line at one of our practices that Vikram and I still laugh about!

Anyways just came upon this forum and wanted to say Hi and your a great guy!

Hope to see you soon!


Gord McGarva said...

Ron, thanks for the message.

All the Best.