Thursday, July 31, 2008

Westy Isn't Ruling Out Pro Opportunities

I spoke to Kristofer Westblom today about signing an agreement to play Canadian College hockey next season at Acadia. But that said, Westblom will only join the Axeman if he is unable to sign a contract to play pro next season.

KW: "I've committed to going to Acadia if I don't sign a NHL/American league agreement, so it's given them some assurance that I will attend their school if my pro aspirations don't turn out this year".
RB: How did you settle on Acadia?
KW: "They contacted me through the year. When I got back from playing down in the American League I went on a fly out to Nova Scotia to see the school and get to meet the coaches, so I was really impressed with the program they have there. I had quite a few schools that talked to me and I thought this was the best decision for me as far as my hockey career goes and get a further education."
RB:You anticipate being the starter with the Axeman?
KW: "For sure. That would be my wish. I think everything needs to be earned. I think I have a good opportunity to go in there and play a lot of games, but I have to prove myself and earn a spot."
RB: So despite the commitment to Acadia, you aren't ruling out pro aspirations?

KW:"I've been in contact with my agent and he's talked to a team or two, so I still have a possibility of signing a contract or at least getting a tryout. Hopefully I can get a tryout and prove myself in a camp."

  • Jesse Ferguson is a married man. The former Kelowna Rockets defenseman got hitched on the weekend. Ferguson's best man was former Rockets forward Nick Marach. One of the groomsmen was Jesse's brother Simon, also a former Kelowna Rockets alumni. Simon Ferguson makes his off-season home in Kelowna.

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